11 Nature-Inspired Home Design Ideas

By: Guest Contributor, Jona Jone


It’s not surprising if you find yourself concerned about the perils that cripple mother earth. Just like everyone else, you’re probably into the mainstream trend of prioritizing a sustainable living environment.

Of course, you need to have brilliant green home design ideas to make eco-living work. You can’t deny the fact that the marketability of green-friendly materials is on the rise.

ELEA’s Rory Vinokor informed readers that overall consumer spending on eco-friendly products have increased in the United States as of 2014.

Creatively design your home in beneficial, eco-friendly ways. Help preserve the beauty that nature has to offer before it’s too late.


Create a Desk Garden


Photo courtesy of The Virally via Pinterest

If you have a large house, naturally, you’ll want the entryway leading to your residence to emanate a pleasantly sustainable ambiance.

Use your desk to create a garden in your home. Care for your plants in your desk garden. Make sure to water them just like what you’ll do in a garden outdoors. Inspire your home visitors with this creative nature design.

You may find yourself missing doing some of your daily activities in lieu of creating a garden in your desk. Putting up a garden in your foyer may take a lot of your effort and time. However, you’ll eventually find that reaping the fruits of your labor will make all of your sacrifices worth it in the long run.


Hang Out on Your Grassy Bed


Photo courtesy of The Virally via Pinterest

Want to take the green home design tips you’ve got on your mind to the next level? How about having a picnic on your very own grassy bed lounger? You can still have a picnic indoors when undesirable weather strikes. Enjoy a picnic on a grassy bed in your spare room with your entire family. Let the show go on even when there’s a storm on the horizon.

Alternatively, eco-friendly grassy bed cools down your body on a hot summer day. The grass lets your body absorb colder air for better relaxation. Pillows and blankets will let you improve enjoyment of a good night’s rest on this green-friendly bed.


Leafy Bookmarks for Your Reading Pleasure


Photo courtesy of The Virally via Pinterest

Extend your green-friendly campaign to the mini library in your home. Ingeniously leave leafy bookmarks on your library’s books to propel reading pleasure and concentration, and to give you an outdoor feel.


Write the Green-Friendly Way


Photo courtesy of The Gadget Flow via Pinterest

Don’t forget to conceptualize green interior design ideas for your home office, too. Own a plant display and a collection of eco-friendly pens in one package. Use your eco-friendly pens and pencils while doing your office work. When not in use, make sure to turn your pen collection to a plant display to bring in fresh air to your home office.


LED Mushroom Lamps for a Brighter Room


 Photo courtesy of Earth Porm via Pinterest

Be subtle in lighting up your room at night in an eco-friendly way. Use battery-operated yet adorable LED mushroom lamps to keep your room well-lit during bed time. Amuse yourself and your kids when they look at these cute LED lamps. LEDs maximize healthy living by producing low-intensity infrared light.


Your Interactive Cloud Lamp Brings a 3D Feel


 Photo courtesy of Earth Porm via Pinterest

The list of eco friendly home design ideas is not limited to the traditional ones. An interactive cloud lamp lets you live an exciting and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Activate your senses as this lamp emanates a 3D thunderstorm feel in your home. Your entire family, especially your little ones, will never cease to be amazed as they witness the special effects this lamp brings.


A Garden-Like Stand Your Umbrella Needs


 Photo courtesy of Earth Porm via Pinterest

Put container gardening to good use. Decorate your home with a grassy umbrella stand. To avoid spending a fortune on a green-friendly umbrella stand, you may choose to incorporate the grass beneath the container stand. Care for the grass yourself by being responsible in keeping it watered regularly.


Sea-produce Waterdrop Magnets


Photo courtesy of Rachel via Pinterest

Nurture a sea-nature inspired mood by decorating your home with waterdrop magnets. Use these to keep papers posted on your refrigerator door intact. Appreciate the treasures nature has to offer by having these rare green home decors.


Go Green When Telling Time


 Photo courtesy of Technocrazed via Pinterest

Find ways to create garden in your home with practical benefits. Care for a mini-garden in your home while checking the time. Design your home with an organic clock. Keep yourself preoccupied caring for your garden, while you successfully keep track of time on a busy day.


A Porch Made with Plastic Bottles


Photo courtesy of HGTV via Pinterest

Eco-friendly homes don’t need to look literally simple. A porch made with plastic bottles makes your home stand out. Plastic bottles add colorful appeal to your porch. What’s more, these materials are sturdy enough, just like any traditional wood. Choose from multiple shades and textures plastic bottles offer when constructing your porch. Alternatively, there are also different types of eco-friendly materials to choose from if you’re not into plastic bottles such as coconut wood, bamboo, eco rock, and bio glass.


A Professionally-Designed Bonsai Tree


Photo courtesy of Denice via Pinterest

Design your home office’s bonsai tree in such a way that will motivate you to work harder. Entice a professional mood to shine through your office by putting a miniature businessman and corporate ladder displays on the branch of your bonsai tree.

As an article in DMCI Homes Leasing pointed out, maximizing your living space to accommodate a garden in your home lets you live your life to the best of your satisfaction. Always appreciate God-given creations in amazing ways possible. These wonderful green home design ideas can both motivate and boost your vivid imagination.


Jona Jone was a mortgage originator in Philadelphia, PA and is now a Business and Property Specialist. She writes about real estate investment, business, parenting and living. Follow Jona on Twitter

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