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It seems like everyone has some kind of Smartphone, be it an Android, Galaxy, or Iphone. Thousands of Apps have been created for these Smartphones in order to make our lives easier (or at least more entertaining).  Smartphones Apps give people the ability to get directions, play angry birds, and of course talk and text, anytime or anywhere they want.

Last month the Sierra Club published a blog on the Top Ten Eco Friendly Smartphone Apps. In response I have created a list of the coolest FREE APPS that are environmentally and sustainability themed.

1.      Iviro

 Iviro allows users to estimate their homes environmental impact. Iviro gives users the ability to perform detailed energy analysis of homes by calculating their homes energy, heating, and water consumption.  Iviro also teaches users what changes can be made to their home and lifestyle to reduce their environmental impact and save money.

Similar (free) Apps relating to home assessment include: Home Sustainability Mobile Assesor, Waterprint, and EcoFootPrint


2.       iRecycle

 Almost anything can be recycled, you just need to know where to bring it. iRecycle makes it easy to identify the closest recycling facilities for hundreds of products.

 Similar (free) Apps relating to the recycling of atypical objects include: My Recycle List and RadioShack Trade & Save


3.       Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch was created by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium to help users choose the most sustainable fish options while at the market or while going out to eat.

Similar (free) Apps relating to the sustainable consumption of fish include: Sustainable Seafood Guide, SeaChoice, Best Fish Guide, Ocean Wise, and Good Fish Guide

4.       Recyclebank

RecycleBank is one of many Apps that attempts to reward users for Eco-friendly decisions. 

 Similar (free) Apps relating to rewards and challenges include: EcoChallenge and RecyclePix by Greenopolis.

I hope you find these Apps helpful. If you have any other suggestions of helpful “green” Apps please share in the comments sections!

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by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

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