Back to School Shopping: Earth Edition


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It’s that time of year that students dread. Whether you’re getting your milk money from your mommy for your first day of kindergarten or you’re moving off-campus to begin your senior year of college, kids of all ages strongly dislike the beginning of school. But with this specific time of year, most students aren’t thinking about ways they can help the environment. However, you can have everything you need for your first day of school, including your lunch packed up and your boots tied tight (yes, that’s a Billy Madison reference), and still be environmentally friendly!

– When looking for a green pen, don’t just look for green ink (well, actually, you should). Buying refillable pens is a way that you can save money and pens (unless you’re like me and always lose them). Refillable pens only require ink refills once every month; depending on how much how you use them. It also saves on plastic being used to create the writing implements. Companies such as Wheely, Woody ball point pens, and Pilot have a large line of refillable pens with different color inks to choose from.

– Mechanical pencils can also be green! Many companies are now making them with canvas, old denim and even newsprint. This saves plastic from being used in the production of the mechanical pencils. These reusable pencils can also be made of 100 percent pure graphite that writers use in math and art classes; people like this option if they don’t mind their hands getting a little dirty.

– When stocking up on notebooks and binders, many people don’t think twice about the quality of what they buy, but instead, go for the cheapest product. However, you can get paper products for school, including post-its and graph paper too, that were made with the environment in mind.  The Green Office helps you find all the paper products that you need for school that were made with Mother Nature in mind. For big orders, their shipping could offset carbon emissions too!

Now when I start school in just about two weeks, I have my shopping to do. Whether or not the price is right, I’ve gotta shop with the Earth in mind.

by Scott Sincoff

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