Celebrate July 4th With an Ice Cold Responsible Beer

Friday is the Fourth of July, which for many Americans means fireworks and BBQ. Most likely, if you’re enjoying a BBQ, you’re going to want some ice cold beer available. Beer is a refreshing drink for the summer (when drunk responsibly, of course), but like many food products consumption of beer can have an environmental impact.

The process of making beer requires a lot of energy and water.  Brewing beer requires the heating and cooling of water and the ingredients to produce the flavor from the hops. According to ColdRiverBrewing, to complete this process breweries use 5 to 10 times more water then leaves the brewery as beer.   Many breweries are now working on ways to make brewing beer more efficient, like reusing the heat used to warm the water and using CO2 recapturing systems.

Consider the following while stocking up on beer for your BBQ:

-If you’re having a lot of people opt for renting a keg. The average keg is reused 20 times a year and can last 20 years.

-There is a debate over which is more eco responsible option, cans or bottles of beer. Can’s are lighter which makes them easier to ship, and they are also easier to recycle. But can’s are made of aluminum which can come from environmentally hazardous mining.

-Remember to recycle.

-Look for organic beers that use locally grown ingredients.

-If you’re going to a bar opt for an on tap variety.

-Celebrate Fourth of July with an American brewed beer, not only are you supporting local breweries reduced shipping saves energy.

PS Check out ENN’s Earlier article on organic wine!

beer and flag via shutterstock

beer in flag bucket via shutterstock


by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

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