Cinnamon Is Good For You in More Than One Way

Now, I may love cinnamon more than the next guy. I put it in my oatmeal, I put it in my applesauce, and I sometimes even put it in my chicken parmigiana (it adds a really sweet contrast to it). But who knew that it could make you live a healthier life. A very common disorder for Americans as they age is Alzheimer’s disease. However, groundbreaking Israeli research says that consuming a regular dose of cinnamon could delay Alzheimer’s, or possibly cure it.

A team of Tel Aviv University researchers, led by Professor Michael Ovadia, were able to isolate a section of the cinnamon plant which could, in turn, be responsible for delaying the onset of the disorder in people around the world. During Ovadia’s research, a material found in the cinnamon plant, known as CEppt, was able to delay Alzheimer’s in laboratory mice bred with a gene that creates toxic amyloid molecules which gather in the brain as the disease progresses.

Image Credit: LearningHerbs.com

Image Credit: LearningHerbs.com

Previously, Ovadia’s research team discovered that materials in the cinnamon bark may inhibit the activity of coated viruses, such as herpes and influenza. During the research stage, Ovadia’s team saw the isolation of the CEppt from the cinnamon in an electronic microscope. In order to create the CEppt, the research team generated powder from the cinnamon sticks before isolating the material in a refrigerator. The material was then tested in a test tube and the experiment then revealed that the substance helps break down amyloids that have already been created. “The finding points to the possibility that the detected material may not only prevent Alzheimer’s, but also holds healing properties after molecules which lead to Alzheimer’s have been created,” explains Ovadia.

Ovadia recommends that you not overload yourselves in cinnamon because having too much cinnamon can harm the functioning of the liver. So whenever you eat that cinnamon bun, just think, this might help me live a longer and healthier life!

by Scott Sincoff

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