Compost Away your Stinky Toilet!

I know when I usually go to the bathroom, there is potential to smell up the entire place and cause quite a stink. However, there is a new product on the market that could reduce that nasty odor and help save the environment. The Sun-Mar composting toilet is a new invention that will help homeowners and businesses save 27 percent on their water bills. It could be the ultimate for charter buses, RVs and rural homes to stop the lingering smell of poop in the air.

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

The innovative lavatory requires no plumbing, local sewage connection or septic system. It works by evaporating urine and composting solid waste without any ground water being needed or being contaminated. The alternative to conventional toilets also uses organic processes to convert the waste into a safe fertilizing soil. The Sun-Mar toilet uses a very unique system to decompose the waste in a clean and efficient manner. It uses a distinct three-chamber system, which includes a patented drum

Image Credit: Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

Image Credit: Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

technology—called a Bio-drum—which speeds up the breakdown of human waste and toilet paper. The three-chamber technology also has a section for evaporating urine and a finishing drawer to remove the sanitized compost. Instead of flushing, toilet owners place inexpensive chemical-free bulking material to the drum chamber to fast-track the breakdown of nutrients in the human waste. It then periodically uses a handle to freshen the waste while being mixed. The waste should be dumped outside, preferably in a garden, but it only needs to be done a few times of year.

The Sun-Mar composting toilet is designed for air to be constantly circulating through the toilet so that there would be as little smell as possible. The innovative piece of equipment has been certified for residential and cottage use by the National Sanitation Foundation. Fraser Sneddon, Manager of Sun-Mar Corp., said that getting rid of an odor is a challenge with composting toilets, but that it isn’t a problem with the innovative green technology. “Many people tend to feel uncomfortable about the idea of composting their own waste, which often conjures up images of smelly outhouses or compost heaps in the garden, but Sun-Mar’s product eradicates that notion because it’s so easy to install and effortless to operate, creating a sanitary and odor-free environment,” Sneddon said.

by Scott Sincoff

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