Easy Eco-Themed New Years Resolutions

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, we’ve made it through 2012. Now 2013 is days away and the daunting task of coming up with New Year’s Resolutions lies in front of us. Like most people I have never been good at keeping New Year’s Resolutions. I always seem to come up with resolutions too large or obscure to follow through with past January. This year I decided to go simpler with my resolutions, so I’d be more likely to accomplish them.

New Years gives people the chance to make lifestyle changes that they normally wouldn’t have the courage to make. Below you will find 4 of my New Year’s Resolutions:


1.      Remember to Turn Off The Lights (and Save Energy)

Turning off your lights when you leave the room is one of the easiest ways to save electricity and be more energy efficient. If you already have your light usage under control, try fitting your home with energy efficient light bulbs.  For more ideas on maximizing your energy efficiency click here.

2.      Vow To Spend More Time Outdoors (and Visit A National Park)


This past year I have spent far too many weekends sitting in front of the television and far too little time outside.  For this upcoming year I plan to visit either a National, State, or local  park at least every three months. To find a National Park near you, click here.


3.      Get Educated on Green Issues


For this upcoming year I plan to try to stay up to date on environmental and nature related news. As a blog writer I try to keep up to date, but I am constantly reminded of how much is happening that I don’t know (See Bonus at End of Blog). To address my gap in knowledge my goal is to read at least one article a day.


 ENN is a great resource for environmental news because not only do they write their own original articles but the website also features articles from a wide range of sources including Discovery News, Triple Pundit, and ClickGreen, to name a few.


4.      Stand Up For An Issue You Believe In


Taking a stand for an issue can be as simple of a commitment as signing an online petition, or as life changing as vowing to become a vegetarian because you disagree with how the meat industry is run.  It is hard to put into words how satisfying it is to stand up for something you believe in. This past year I was lucky enough to go get the opportunity to go to Washington DC and lobby for a cause very close to my heart and this upcoming year I plan to continue supporting the cause and to get the courage to stand up for other things I believe in. 






New Year’s Bonus:


Below are three websites that have compiled lists of the biggest  environmental events/discoveries of 2012. How many can you recognize?








Green 2013 via Shutterstock

by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 at 12:49
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