Eco Friendly Gift Guidelines

shutterstock_66510676With the holidays just a short distance away everyone seems to be rushing around trying to find the perfect gift. Looking for a gift that provides maximum personal impact but minimal environmental impact can be hard. Especially smaller ticket gift items for people you don’t really know like Secret Santas, Coworkers, long lost cousins, or brothers girlfriends.

Green Hot Tip: Think Local, Think Natural, Think Recycled!

As my “gift” to ENN blog readers I have put together a short set of guidelines to help you come up with the “perfect gift”.

Make A Hand-Made Gift From The Heart
Honestly, hand-made gifts are my favorite. Not only hand-made gifts fit my budget but they also seem to really please my friends and family. Knowing that someone put their soul into making you a gift is extremely satisfying.

Make A Donation in The Persons Name
Some people aren’t material and would appreciate you donating to an important environmental or social cause in their name. Donating is also a good gift for the person who already has everything.
Just remember to consider the gift receivers values before deciding where to donate.

Give a Locally Sourced Food Productshutterstock_150667202
If you’re the type who likes to give fancy chocolates and olives as a gift try giving something locally sourced, like your favorite jam from the local farmers market.
Another food related idea is to make frozen meals for a friend who doesn’t have the time or skill to cook.

Give A Gift That Can Be Enjoyed Outside
Instead of giving a gift that keeps a person “plugged in” give a gift that helps inspire the user to go outdoors! Everyone loves the outdoors; most people just don’t know it yet.

Give A Gift Made From Upcycled/Recycled Goods
Many stores now carry eco-friendly options for goods made from repurposed materials.

Give A Gift That Helps Prevent Waste
Everybody loves to save money. Before choosing a gift consider whether there is an option that is reusable or requires lower energy consumption.

There is no shame in Regifting. I said it, and I mean it. What’s the use of a gift if all it does is take up space in your closet? Just remember that the gift should be in good shape and to avoid the original gift giver.
Regifting is a great idea for Secret Santas and grab bags.

Give The Gift of Service
We cannot survive without a little help from our friends. The gift of service, instead of goods, is perfect for a friend who is always busy or needs help fixing/assembling something but doesn’t have the money to hire someone.

Wrap Responsibly

Instead of buying brand new wrapping paper from virgin trees use newspaper, fabric, or magazines found around the house. If you really want to buy wrapping  paper look at non-virgin options made from recycled paper.

Remember, First Think Local
And if that doesn’t work here are some websites with eco-friendly gift options:


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by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 at 13:16
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