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As I learned from movies like “Grease”, “The Notebook”, and “Dirty Dancing”, summer is the time for love. Unfortunately not everybody has the time, or money, to go to a summer get-away where they can meet their opposite and fall in madly in love.  So in honor of summer I decided to put together a list of eco -friendly and sustainability themed dates that require limited financial cost and travel.



1.       Take a Trip to the Local Farmers Market


Going to your Local Farmers Market can turn into an enjoyable date. At the market you can take in the sights, smells , and tastes of local produced products and produce. Vendors tend to be very friendly and helpful in helping you choose ingredients and giving suggestions on what to do with them. Afterward you can cook a romantic dinner together.


2.       Have Dinner at a Sustainable Restaurant That Uses Local Products


If you’d rather go out to eat then cook for your own food, try to order locally. According to the National Restaurant Association Chef’s Survey, the top 2 menu trends for 2012 are locally sourced meats/seafood and locally sourced produce. Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter about the ingredients used.


3. Take A Walk Around Your Neighborhood Together


Walking and talking is a great way to get to know each other. It also gives you time to take in the sights you may not notice during buisy day.


4. Picnic in your Local Park


Picnicking is a relaxing way to experience the outdoors. All you need is a blanket and a basket of food and you can spend the day talking and enjoying nature (or a sports if you choose a recreational based park). Just make sure to clean up your trash afterwards.


5. Watch a Sunset or Sunrise


Truth be told I have never seen a sunrise but I have seen my fair share of sunsets. Wether it be over the ocean, mountains, or reflected from the windows of the city, it’s always a special sight to share with someone special.


6.  Turn Off The Lights


Take a break from the electricity grid. Instead of spending the night at the movies or in front of the television turn off the main lights and instead light some candles.  If you have a backyard you can set up some chairs and take in the sounds of the night or look at the stars ,or if you want to stay indoors you can play board games by candlelight.



*On another note,  while doing my research for this article  (yes, research was involved) I came across  a series of dating websites where you can meet people with similar eco friendly values. I did not have the time to check out these websites but I have attached some links. Here, and Here*

Couple Via Shuttestock


by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

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