Preparing For The People’s Climate March

On September 23, the United Nations is holding a Climate Change Summit to discuss the current climate crisis. Usual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change events are attended by country delegates and  representatives, but for this meeting the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is calling for Heads of State to come to the meeting in the hopes  to speed the negotiations process, making climate change a political priority. Climate change affects everyone and everyone should have the right to call political leaders to action. Two days prior to the UN meeting in New York City us everyday activists will get our chance to speak our minds at the People’s Climate March.

Three weeks ago I headed down to Princeton University to attend a training meeting for the march as a suggestion from an amazing neighbor. Prior to getting to the meeting I had little experience with activism outside of my work and experiences in health advocacy, so I was excited to see what the meeting was about.  When I got there I was surprised by the amount and diversity of the people attending the training. Representatives from across the mighty state of New Jersey, including students, concerned  citizens, and local stakeholders huddled in the not so tiny Princeton classroom and enjoyed educational presentations about the organization of the event and creative storytelling. After the basic presentations, we broke down into groups based on interests, such as transportation, creative messaging, and campus recruitment. At the end everyone left excited with a full plate of work to do if they wanted to make The People’s Climate March the largest climate march so far.

When I went to the training session one of the biggest issues discussed was transportation. Bussing will be coming from across the United States and Canada (check the website for public transportation opportunities near you). In New Jersey we have bus and train captains organizing transportation in popular areas. I will be joining a group taking a local train to New York City.


It is not too late to join the march. You still have 3 weeks to figure out transportation and prepare for the march. Attending the march is important for anyone looking for a forum to express their views on climate change. I hope to express my concerns on the effects of climate change on infectious diesease and the importance of social responsibility.

I Hope To See You There!!!


Basic Information on The People’s Choice March

Date: Sunday, September 21

March Start: 11:30 AM

March Start Location: Columbus Circle, NYC (other locations global as well)

March  End Location: 11th Ave. in the streets between 34th Street and 38th Street

For more information visit: Peoplesclimatemarch.org

Expected Turnout: Between 40,000 and 200,000 people

Photo Credit: Rosemary Dreger Carey


by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

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