When cleaner air saves lives on the road

1. Care for safety and environment leading to better company results
Did you know that sensible driving leads to approximately 7.5 tons less CO2 emissions per year because it rewards slow acceleration? Trucks drive around 110000 km per year, using 60000 litres of fuel. You could save up to 12000 litres by rewarding conscious driving. Meaning you could save 12000 € per truck!

2. Making chauffeur the heroes
Every small change in the right direction counts, but if you really want to make a change, you have to focus on the drivers. They don’t drive poorly because they prefer to. Driving is a habit, and we have to change old habits into new, to make an impactful difference.

3. Beating the competition
There is fierce competition between transport and delivery companies when it comes to attracting chauffeurs. Finding good chauffeurs, and keeping them motivated is an ongoing challenge. These companies need to cut costs, to be able to beat the competition and make a profit. Drivers wages and fuel are the largest operational costs in our industry. Now, you don’t have to choose between cutting costs and rewarding drivers anymore.

4. Instead of controlling, think about REWARDING good behaviour.
It is proven how positive reinforcement works exceedingly better than punishment. Reinforcing good behaviour with positive outcomes (rewards) will certainly lead to this act being repeated. Drivestar is this tool. It gives drivers a score, based on acceleration, deceleration and speeding. Carefully enriched with external data, such as vehicle type, traffic and weather conditions, so it is transparent and fair to compare. In the app, the amount of money saved is clearly seen.


The fact is people don’t like to be scored. This is why the Drivestar score is introduced using teams. No one wants to be the one responsible for their team failing. Teamwork enhances communication and overall results while giving a sense of companionship – as we know, chauffeuring could be a lonely job.

5. Everyone benefits from safer and cleaner driving
Can you say you rank amongst the best couriers in Europe? How can you prove it? How do you distinguish yourself from the competition? Drivestar gives drivers a reliable tool as proof they rank amongst the safest and most economical drivers. And it gives managers a tool to be able to easily recognise great drivers to hire. As well as proof they are a responsible company that cares about safety and are CO2-minded.

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Written by: Nika Bitič

by Editor

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 at 06:03
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