Autumn Leaves : Perfect Timing

An Autumn Haiku – Anonymous

Yellow, Orange, Red

Brilliant they turn as they fall

Across my window

Summer is finally over and fall is upon us. One of my favorite activities during the fall is to drive up north to really appreciate the leaves turning.  Yes, the leaves do turn brilliant colors here in New Jersey (see picture) but there is no experience like driving up the Taconic Parkway in New York State on the way to pick apples, and being surrounded by such intense beauty.

Of course the problem with observing such beauty is that you need to catch the sight at the perfect time. Sometimes it seems like one moment the leaves are green at the next they are gone. The trees suddenly become barren and bounty less. Unfortunately I don’t have a friend to call up north to ask if the leaves are ready for me yet, luckily the weather channel has a website tracking leave turnings across the country.

The Weather Channel website provides a map where you can look by region and then specifically by location. The website receives weekly updates on the state of the foliage and then uses color code to classify them as either patch, near peak, peak, or past peak. The website also includes a list of suggested drives in order to get the best view of the leaves in your area.

Generalized Advice On Peak Viewings (or check out this info graphic on Yahoo.com):

–          Maine:  Late September/Early October

–          California/West Coast : Late October/ Early November

–          Aspen, Colorado: Late September

–          The Ozarks (Misourri/ Arkansas) : Late October

–          Vermont: Early October

–          New York City : Late October

–          The Midwest: Mid October


Photo Credit: Maddie Perlman-Gabel

by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 10:20
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