Environmentally Friendly Christmas Present Ideas

Guest Contributor: Mary Twidale

So it’s that time of year again… the Christmas lights are up, TV commercials are tempting us with festive treats and gift ideas, and every shop on the high street is indistinguishable from a Santa’s grotto.

Christmas time is the one time of year when most people are feeling pretty generous, and are willing to splash their cash to find the perfect gift for those they love. We are all guilty of over spending in the festive spirit (and spoon feeding our consumer culture at the same time). So how about this year you give a little something back by sourcing some eco-friendly presents for your friends and family to make you feel just slightly less guilty for the yearly splurge?

Here are some gift ideas to tickle your eco-friendly Christmassy fancy:

1. A Wild Herb Plantable record

I’m thinking mums, grandmas and aunties with this gift. A 45 rpm record with two sheets of 240gsm plantable paper filled with a selection of Basil, Thyme, Chive, Parsley and Oregano. Give the gift of a mini herb garden for the hard-to-buy-for women in your life.

2. Recycled Bottle Glasses

Here’s a gift for the dads, uncles and students out there. Your favourite beer bottles recycled and warped into reusable glasses. These cool glasses really make the ideal present for any style-conscious socialite out there.

3. An ebike

For those more sporty family members how about an electric bike? Quick, easy and emission free these bikes make getting to work on time stress free. The bike has an electrical motor which builds up charge on the downhill slopes in order to helps you up the difficult hills you may later face – genius.

4. Elephant Solar Powered Night Light

Finally, a gift for your little one or for friends who also have children. This fun elephant night light is so simple to use – just put the little solar panel on a sunny window sill during the daytime to make it glow through the night. It’s perfect for keeping your child company and ensuring a peaceful night sleep, every night.

So, there are just a few ideas to kick start your eco-friendly Christmas shopping but there are loads more options out there. Why not give a little back this Christmas and save the planet one gift at a time?

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Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 11:44
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