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April Fools Day is probably my favorite non-official national holiday.  When else is it acceptable to cover a coworkers cubicle in post-it notes or to replace the cream inside of Oreos with toothpaste? Of course, I do not condone jokes that are cruel or needlessly waste resources, but I do support pranks that encourage a jovial spirit or contain a positive lesson. Below I have compiled 2 short lists, the first is a list of past eco-themed April Fools pranks and the other is a list of do-it-yourself pranks.

Large Scale Green April Fools Pranks

Al Gore’s Vegan Nubs (2009)

The website EcoRazzie announced that Al Gore was launching a product line of  Vegan Frozen Foods including buffalo wings and poppers.

False Apologies to Earth From Oil Company Testimony (2008)

The blog Act Green published testimony from oil executives from five large companies apologized for destroying our planet.

Organic Air at Whole Foods (2009)

Whole Foods Market Canada redesigned their website for April Fools to include organic air, and gorgonzola ice pops.

The Onion

The website The Onion is always coming up with original articles that satire eco policies/inventions and the environment.

Do-It-Yourself Pranks

Phone Pranks

Be like Bart Simpson and prank call someone you know, if your worried about caller ID try using a payphone . Extra points if you come up with a green themed identity.

Fake Food

Instead of using meat in your dinner try using a meat substitute. Another way to interpret this prank would be to make a dessert that looks like an entrée/side or vice versa. One year I completed this prank by using gummies and rice krispie treats to make a “sushi dinner”.

Make a Controlled Mess

Instead of wasting post-its or toilet paper to trash a coworker’s cubicle use paper from the recycle bin. That way you can re-recycle the paper when your done. Remember to get your boss’s  permission before making  a mess.

The Fake Bug

Place a fake bug in a un suspecting friend’s ice or in their cereal. Who doesn’t love a dead cockroach in their food?

Merry Pranking!  🙂


Band Chimps via Shutterstock

by Maddie Perlman-Gabel

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