Re-Use The Stuff You Get Pranked With!

With Halloween around the corner, people are trying to come up with crazy and unique ways to eat so much candy that they would explode or see how they can upstage their friends by wearing the craziest costumes. However, my favorite part about Halloween is an aspect that people try to one-up each other every single year with (and no, it’s not trying to see which house is giving out the best tricks and treats). That’s right, it’s the main reason why people go all out for this Americanized holiday: the pranks.

Pranks on October 30th (Mischief Night) and on Halloween day have forced many towns to issue and enforce curfews during this week. But what do you do with all that used toilet-paper? And what about those eggs dried up on your cars?

Once you unravel all the toilet paper off your house and landscaping, people can re-use the TP for everyday Halloween parties. Use the extra toilet tissue for party games like being wrapped up as a zombie or “Minute to Win It” style paper dragon (this race consists of unraveling a roll of party streamers or toilet paper and then wrapping it totally around your arms and torso until none is on the ground anymore). Because you actually won’t reuse the toilet-paper, you might as well get some use out of it.

For those eggs, they won’t really do you any good. But there is a very eco-friendly thing you could use some of those flying yellow things for. Now, you don’t want to eat them (that’s VERY unhygienic). Once scraped off of houses, the leftover eggs could be mixed in with fertilizer to be utilized as manure. This extra protein could give the lawn some extra strength and make it healthier for the upcoming winter season.

I really hope I don’t have to use any of these off-the-rocker techniques this year if I do get pranked, but if I do, they’ll really come in handy. And if you decide to use any other ideas for your leftover prank supplies, write a comment!

by Scott Sincoff

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