“Earth From The Air” Showcases Beauty, Earth’s Struggle

The newly released “Earth From the Air” DVD is a compilation of the fascinating photographs taken by photographer Yann Arthus- Bertrand on his extensive world travels. Creating an aerial portrait of the globe, Bertrand has flown over hundreds of countries, snapping beautiful and thought- compelling pictures along the way. The subject matter of the photographs ranges from industrial architecture to exotic animals to natural wonders to the human struggle, and each image is as compelling as the next. The photographer’s goal is to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of Planet Earth in the face of the climate and population boom crisis, and he effectively reaches his audience through this DVD, supplementing his message with frequent written passages that elegantly fade into the screen in between scenes. Most feature statistics meant to, at best, elicit shock in the viewer, at worst, interest her. With blurbs like “20% of the world population consumes 80% of the world energy”, “1.6 billion people are overweight (of which 400 million are obese), 820 million are chronically undernourished”, and “1 in 4 species of mammal, 2 in 5 species of amphibian, 1 in 8 species of bird are endangered”, Bertrand captures his audiences’ attention in more ways than one. And with 8 hours of beautiful imagery on one disk, you can transform your TV or computer into an art form, and hopefully your mind into one more understanding of the Earth’s plight.

To view some of the photographs featured in “Earth From the Air” or to purchase a copy of the DVD, click here. Receive a 50% discount when you enter the coupon code “ENN1” at checkout!

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by M. Molendyke

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