Numi Tea

Refreshing and organic, Numi Tea is a line of lightly flavored Puerh green teas that offer a great alternative to coffee and come from a company that actively supports green initiatives and events across the country. The bottled variety comes in numerous different natural flavors like Magnolia Jasmine and Peach Nectar, and unlike other bottled teas on the market, they actually taste like tea (what a novel idea)! They are USDA approved, well under 100 calories a bottle for those of us trying to watch our waistlines, and sport all the natural upshots of green tea—they are filled with antioxidants and provide a natural boost because they are lightly caffeinated. Served cold, Numi Tea is refreshing and a great morning pick-me-up for hot summer days, and the new bottled line is now on sale at the company website, www.numitea.com.

by M. Molendyke

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